We solve problems of travel experts
100,000 in sales and 10% in income? More often than not, one out of three agency workers would bring tangible income. The sales results of this « one » keep the whole infrastructure on its feet. And yet one can often do without this infrastructure.

Freelancers decide for themselves how to best manage time and which clients are worth working with. You only pay for the infrastructure you need. Need to sign a contract with a corporate client and receive the payment? We can help.
Doing all the work and earning peanuts
Working in an agency is a great experience and a good school. However, the flip side of the coin is having to do a lot of dull and useless work. Working under someone means following someone else’s rules. We live in the 21st century. News is written by bloggers on smartphones, traders trade shares for millions from a laptop sitting on a beach, developers write software and sophisticated algorithms while traveling the world with a laptop.

The world has changed. Henceforth travel experts have the freedom of movement and freedom of choice. Clients do not want to travel to offices. It's much more productive to arrange a meeting in a favorite bar over a cup of coffee.

We are for freedom! Work wherever and however you want. All you need is your laptop. We will provide you with the necessary technical base.
Tired of being bossed around
Every ticket sold shall be recorded. You have to document when the payment came through, the commission earned, and sometimes you have to remember what money covers the expenses while you are waiting for your client's money.

We will provide you with a personal account where a record of all the tickets will be kept. Tickets are gathered automatically from all sources, invoices are generated with a single click. On top of that, you can also include the commission.
Know how to sell tickets. Reports, bookkeeping, and all this red tape are not for me
We start by identifying your needs and problems. We can meet up or skype to discuss the specifics of your business, identify your strengths and weaknesses, find gaps and ways to make more money. Thus we will understand what already works perfectly and how we can help.

Identify the problem
How we work
Having pinpointed the key challenges, we will offer you a tailored solution, not a bunch of useless ones. We will show how it works, and agree upon a price.
Propose a solution
Once the price is agreed upon, we will sign the contract. You will receive access passwords, we will agree upon terms and conditions, and assign a responsible specialist to you. You will be able to start working immediately.
Implement the solution
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