We solve problems of non-IATA agencies
It is difficult for a small agency to get deals from suppliers. Suppliers need volumes, it’s hard to even sign a contract with many. But where can you get volumes when you have to win over every client?

We have been through this ourselves recently: knocking on suppliers' closed doors. Now, we are one of the biggest. But, we remember what it means to be a small agency. Even if you are a small agency, we will give you competitive terms and tell you how to earn more and keep your clients.
I do not get favorable terms
Railway tickets are paid for by credit card, some airline tickets are paid for by an individual, some are paid for by a legal entity, insurance with 5 days deferred payment, and hotels are prepaid. And at the end of each month, we need to put everything into one report, and figure out which clients have paid and which have not.

We will let you sell rail, bus, air, insurance, and many other tickets, all with the uniform conditions of deferred payment and the same balance sheet. All sales are displayed in TRAVEL POINT. There it is possible to upload everything into one document and generate an invoice for the ticket with just one click.
Difficult to keep records of flights, railways, insurance
You have probably heard about the life hacks on how to book cheaper tickets with Galileo or Sirena. You are seeing more and more tickets bought through "direct connection" platforms thus bypassing the GDS. It's hard to keep track of everything and work everywhere at once.

We are the only consolidator using DRCT, a revolutionary tool for selling airline tickets. We will give you access to airline ticketing without any GDS fee, without the need for extra training, and having to remember dozens of passwords. After the ticketing, we will search for a cheaper ticket, in all GDSs, and from different suppliers. If we find a cheaper option, we will honestly let you know where.
It's hard to keep everything under control: different GDSs, airline reservation systems, loads of passwords
"Tickets are cheaper on the airline website" is a recurrent phrase you would hear from customers. Technology has changed everything: customers are buying services online. And many of them, at least compare prices.

The agency doesn't sell tickets, the agency sells the service. And we do our best to ensure that you deliver top-notch service. We will notify you if a flight is delayed and remind you when it's time to check in.
Customers are going online
We start by identifying your needs and problems. We can meet up or skype to discuss the specifics of your business, identify your strengths and weaknesses, find gaps and ways to make more money. Thus we will understand what already works perfectly and how we can help.

Identify the problem
How we work
Having pinpointed the key challenges, we will offer you a tailored solution, not a bunch of useless ones. We will show how it works, and agree upon a price.
Propose a solution
Once the price is agreed upon, we will sign the contract. You will receive access passwords, we will agree upon terms and conditions, and assign a responsible specialist to you. You will be able to start working immediately.
Implement the solution
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