We solve problems of IATA-agencies
IATA insurance costs at least 4,000 dollars, an annual membership fee amounts to 200 francs, a compulsory annual audit is 500 dollars. Let alone the need to maintain staff with IATA diplomas, the cost of two GDSs, and much more. And all this for the sake of the blue certificate on the wall?

There are no annual payments with us. Once the contract is signed, we start working. With no extra costs, with no hassle.
Painful regular payments
We know that having to look for money every week to pay the BSP is exhausting.
And we understand how difficult it is to break out of the vicious circle, where customers owe you while you owe the BSP. Deferred payment has relaxed your clients and you are the one who pays for it.

We will tell you how to break this circle and take back control of your business. We do not have a deferred payment option like the BSP, but we can help with banking tools that will allow for such an arrangement.
A BSP rut
A safe bolted to the floor, non-residential land, an alarm system, a manager with two GDS diplomas, an annual audit. Can't a business exist without it?

It can! With us, all you have to do is focus on service. The rest is a trifle.
The need to meet useless requirements
Do you remember the days when airlines used to give 5% commission, sometimes even 9%? But now things are different. The airlines apply general standard terms. You can only make a profit on the service fee or the corporate fare at most.

We know how to work with airlines. Our clients get terms and conditions that otherwise they would not get. We analyze different BSP zones, GDSs, and suppliers in search of better opportunities. We find the most non-trivial ways to ensure that our customers get the best.

No special conditions from airlines
Customers are quick to leave for competitors or they simply go online. Those who remain are comparing prices with airline websites and meta-search engines. It's getting harder to work due to increasing competition.

We know how to deal with it. We have the technology to offer the best conditions. You will set the benchmark.
Business won’t grow
We start by identifying your needs and problems. We can meet up or skype to discuss the specifics of your business, identify your strengths and weaknesses, find gaps and ways to make more money. Thus we will understand what already works perfectly and how we can help.

Identify the problem
How we work
Having pinpointed the key challenges, we will offer you a tailored solution, not a bunch of useless ones. We will show how it works, and agree upon a price.
Propose a solution
Once the price is agreed upon, we will sign the contract. You will receive access passwords, we will agree upon terms and conditions, and assign a responsible specialist to you. You will be able to start working immediately.
Implement the solution
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